When you sat down and decided that you wanted to start your business, you wanted to change something right? There was something you saw that the world was lacking right?

For me, it wasn’t that the world was lacking beauty professionals, but I noticed that my area didn’t have many black beauty professionals. The local market was flooded with makeup artist who didn’t know how to work with brown skinned beauty. And so, the majority of my clients were brown women who wanted to work with someone who was familiar with their skin and undertones.


What form of scarcity is your brand filling?

Here is where I struggled for the longest with being a makeup artist because seriously, what void was this filling in the world? How was I transforming lives with my makeup artistry?

However, have you ever run into a confident woman who not only thought was “the stuff” but KNEW she was all that and a bag of chips? She is unstoppable! A woman’s appearance go hand in hand with her appearance. There is no stopping a woman who feels and looks like a million bucks! A simple makeup application can have that woman see the beauty, I saw instantly in her.

You have an amazing brand & that is EXACTLY what your market needs to up level their life. No matter if you are a coach, product based business, service based entrepreneur, or consultant. Your professionalism, amazing knowledge, expertise and vision is exactly what is needed for your particular market.

At the end of the day, you have to be the biggest cheerleader for the change that your brand is bringing to this world and the lives that you touch daily. I believe firmly in my brand and the benefits of being present for my family, my brand is transforming my own life each and everyday. It’s because of that RIGHT THERE, that I am able to stand proudly behind my brand. The very first life that was transformed by my brand is my own. Can you say the same?

Tia Blackwell

Tia Blackwell

Guest Blogger

Tia Blackwell is the owner of Tia Blackwell Beauty her freelance makeup artistry company.

For the past 9 years as a self taught makeup artist Tia has become published in 2 magazines, done numerous video shoots, photoshoots and weddings. Her clients love how she is able to enhance their natural beauty and have them leaving her chair with confidence.

Passionate about beauty, business and blogging she has decided to combine all 3 and aims to make Tia Blackwell Beauty the go to beauty site for the everyday woman.
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