When I first started out building my massive brand, I was scared to ask for payment. I mean seriously, who was I to tell someone how to expand their personal image to create MASSIVE WEALTH, I was still on the road to doing so myself. How many of us feel that way? Like, we aren’t in a place yet to ask for payment for our services because we “haven’t made it yet?” I completely understand where you are coming from and that is how I can tell you this with love… YOU ARE DEAD WRONG!

I am a firm believer that if you want for the perfect time, to create the perfect content, to develop the perfect image, or just when you have the perfect color scheme that you will sit in the shadow of “wait” your entire life. Nothing ever happens for the beauty that is sitting in the shadow of “wait”. A lot of dreams and massive riches are in cemeteries right now, because people allowed their fears of starting die along with them. That is what a lot of us are doing right now, we are living in fear and therefore not creating the massive wealth that our brand deserves because we are too scared to even ask!

So how do we start to overcome these ridiculous fear and start monetizing our brands? I want to share with you some ways that I have begun monetizing my brand and you can do too! No matter how long you have been in business or your field of expertise, these tips and tricks when done consistently will expand your business and the income WILL start to flow to you!

Believe in the Value of your Services

First, you need to believe in the value that you provide. You may say, well Tia its obvious I believe in what I am doing or the product that I am selling or else I wouldn’t be wasting my time. However, that is just it! You have an underlying belief that what you are providing isn’t worth getting paid for! We all have started there. We have all wondered “how much should I charge for this” or “Am I asking too much for that”.

However, when you truly know your worth, you won’t settle for less! You will begin attracting your audience to you who are ready to invest in your services and products because they know what you can do for them! They will see the value in you when you truly begin to see the value in yourself and what you can offer.

Show up as the “Go to Guru”

Secondly, you need to discover creative and crafty ways to become the “Go To Guru” in your particular field. Everyone needs to come to you for value and advice! Which means, you need to not only stay on top of your field through research and reading but you need to in turn GIVE VALUE AWAY!

Now, I know what you are thinking…wait isn’t this all about monetizing my business? Why yes, yes it is, but you have to attract your market somehow. You have to let them know that you know your stuff and providing them a little sample taste of what you have got cooking isn’t going to hurt you, believe me. So package the value up pretty!

This may take a while to discover exactly what packaging your market likes, but its well worth the time investment. So jump on FB live consistently for 60 days and see how that goes for you. Create a YouTube channel and start making videos! Start a blog and share your expertise there. I even hear Pintrest is an amazing platform to you use and there are TONS of ways to share and collaborate with other experts on Pinterest. I can’t forget the hottest social media platform right now, IG, where you can actually search for and connect with your target market by reaching out and following them! Engagement with your audience and answering questions that they need help with is the best way to become the Go-To Guru!

Add Passive Income Streams

Lastly, I would advise that you find alternative means to add passive income to your brand while building brand recognition. Using affiliate links, such as Amazon affiliates program is a great way to do that! Pinterest is another amazing platform to build passive income through sharing what you are already doing! Personally, I have my blog and Pinterest linked together and have spent massive time on YouTube researching how to have Pinterest and its amazing audience create income for me by me simply sharing, which I was doing anyway.

However, creating passive income should always fall in line with what you are already doing, don’t go re-create a wheel for yourself. The purpose is to build your brand on a larger scale and not spread yourself too thin!

No matter how you choose to begin monetizing your brand I truly believe that you got this! Its okay to start small because we all have to start somewhere. The important message is that you JUST HAVE TO START!



Guest Blog Post by:

Tia M Blackwell

Founder of Tia Blackwell Beauty

Personal Image Strategist & Freelance MUA