Imagine trying to talk to everyone around you at a music concert? Ever tried to have a personal conversation? Heck, even tried to talk to the person sitting next to you? Its borderline IMPOSSIBLE…faster to just text them.

This is what A LOT of business owners are doing right now! They are trying to scream their product in the middle of the concert and NO ONE IS LISTENING. In our minds, everyone willing to pay for our services is our DREAM client right? WRONG!

See, the joy about having your own business and creating your own work atmosphere and your own hours, etc, is that YOU CREATE YOUR DREAM CLIENT. You need to be as specific as possible with this. Just like not everyone is meant to be in your life, not everyone is meant to be your client.

Do you really want to spend hours haggling over your prices? Do you really want to have to nickel and dime so that that person can afford your services? You spent hours putting together your packages, educating yourself, you spent your hard earned coins gaining experience and exposure to ensure that you are viewed as an expert in your market. Why are you spending 90% of your day haggling with someone who is ultimately not going to be a joy to work with? DON’T DO IT!

Talking to EVERYONE is pointless because just like the music concert, no one is listening. Just being honest here. You aren’t resonating with anyone because you are being too general in your voice. You don’t want to miss anyone so you end up speaking to no one. How can you be fully  transparent in your story and your business when you feel like the world is watching?


 It’s time you create and get to know and love your dream girl as I call her aka your target market. What is her story? What are her struggles? How can you help her resolve those struggles? Why does she need your services? How can your services uplevel her life? You need to be speaking to just her! Have blinders on when you chat with her.

You will find that when she finds you (and believe me she is watching) that it will be just like chatting with a girlfriend. She will comment on something you posted, maybe months or years ago, that has always stuck with her and she has been watching you ever since. You will discover how that post changed her perspective and she wanted to know more. You will discover a new friend that is going to be a lifelong client.

Interested in learning how I created my dream girl (aka my target market)? Comment below and I will be sure to get you all a post on it so that you are able to start speaking to your dream girl NOW!

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Tia Blackwell

Tia Blackwell

Guest Blogger

Tia Blackwell is the owner of Tia Blackwell Beauty her freelance makeup artistry company. For the past 9 years as a self taught makeup artist Tia has become published in 2 magazines, done numerous video shoots, photoshoots and weddings. Her clients love how she is able to enhance their natural beauty and have them leaving her chair with confidence. Passionate about beauty, business and blogging she has decided to combine all 3 and aims to make Tia Blackwell Beauty the go to beauty site for the everyday woman.
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