I am a procrastinator.

That girl in school, who studied for the whole semester the night before, and because of my amazing short-term memory would still get an “A” on the test, but wouldn’t remember a thing the next day. I was Her. As I have gotten older, its apparent that this burns all your short-term memory cells and I have turned into that one who uses their watch to find their phone.

But I digress…

I started my makeup artistry “business” 9 years ago this October. I have been published in nationally recognized magazines, I have done video shoots, but yet I am still hustling to get work.

About 3 years ago, after having my son and suffering the worst 3 years of my life afterwards, I decided a few months ago that I would get back into the industry. I knew it wouldn’t be easy but I had this confidence that I could do this! I am always able to pick up a client or two with no problem. I am always able to “beat a face” as we say in this industry.

However, with my new-found enlightenment I began to feel that I needed to be more than a makeup artist. I began feeling that I wasn’t giving the world enough by just being a makeup artist. So, I decided to be a personal branding image strategist. That’s it! Now I can start working this and that way I could truly help women and make a difference, right!? But something honestly didn’t feel right. It felt like I was forcing something and completely missing the point.

I was missing my point.

I was born to be a makeup artist. I was created to be that women that helped guide women to feel as beautiful on the outside as I know they are on the outside. I was meant to change lives and the way that I get to do that, to help women and mentor women, is that time that I am showing them the beauty that I see from the moment they sit in my chair. That is my point! There is nothing to down play there. That is a powerful mission and its one that I gracefully take!

I say this to say, it took me 9 years to realize that I never really took my makeup artistry mission seriously. I was just making people up. I didn’t understand that I was changing lives in my own way. There is nothing a woman can’t do especially when she feels confidence to do it! I am able to give women a confidence that I know has always been there but she needs to see when she looks at her beautiful reflection.

Your business will always be your side hustle disguised as your main hustle until you realize that no matter what your particular business is that you are on a mission to better serve in your own way. I didn’t realize that. I had actually fed my family off of my makeup artistry when my husband and I were unemployed but it was never my main hustle no matter how much money I was making off of it. No matter how much I invested in my kit, my site, my wardrobe, my lessons, no matter how I dressed it up and made it look like it was my main hustle I was giving it side hustle passion and attention. I wasn’t feeding it so that it could grow. I was the one stifling my own success by not digging deeper into what I was meant to do.

I thought that I wanted to be more than a makeup artist, I didn’t believe that I could change lives or make a difference in the world that way. However, over the years I have been that shoulder to cry on, the counselor, the new friend, the life consultant and the beauty bestie. I AM more than a makeup artist and I fully embrace and love it.

Now I am ready to turn my side hustle into my main hustle!


Your Makeup Artist

Tia Blackwell

Tia Blackwell

Guest Blogger

Tia Blackwell is the owner of Tia Blackwell Beauty her freelance makeup artistry company. For the past 9 years as a self taught makeup artist Tia has become published in 2 magazines, done numerous video shoots, photoshoots and weddings. Her clients love how she is able to enhance their natural beauty and have them leaving her chair with confidence. Passionate about beauty, business and blogging she has decided to combine all 3 and aims to make Tia Blackwell Beauty the go to beauty site for the everyday woman.
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