I remember thinking of my target market, anyone who wants their makeup done! I am your girl! However, when you grow your business and your brand you begin to realize if you choose to speak to everyone you will speak to no one.

Once I realized who I was specifically speaking with I began to understand more about my business. Then I first started I targeted models and photographers. I created work and products around that market. However, the blessing about being your own boss is as YOU grow your business grows! Your market can change!

Remember when you worked with another company or corporate America and you had to deal with that horrible client? You went to your supervisor HOPING they had your back and more times than not you had to apologize when that wasn’t what you wanted to say at all!! I remember thinking, “If this was my business I would” blah blah blah. However, when you are running a business it is hard to just say whatever you truly want to say. But what if you didn’t have to entertain THOSE type of clients?!

I Choose Me

While I am days away from turning 37 years young, I have made a lot of compromises in life but no more. As a boss babe I refuse to compromise my brand, my time or my passion for the sake of money. I don’t market to every woman who loves makeup. I don’t market to every model who wants an MUA for their photo shoot. If a job seems too stressful, unorganized or too much of a headache, I turn it down.

NO MATTER THE PAY! I will not compromise my talent, time or morals for money.

When we are marketing ourselves and our services we have to stand behind not just our products but also our morals. Be selective about who you market your brand to. Don’t allow yourself to be blinded by the money. Never compromise your services and abilities for recognition or a paycheck.

This is your business! You are able to be selective about the clients you choose to give your energy and time to.

Tia Blackwell

Tia Blackwell

Guest Blogger

Tia Blackwell is the owner of Tia Blackwell Beauty her freelance makeup artistry company. For the past 9 years as a self taught makeup artist Tia has become published in 2 magazines, done numerous video shoots, photoshoots and weddings. Her clients love how she is able to enhance their natural beauty and have them leaving her chair with confidence. Passionate about beauty, business and blogging she has decided to combine all 3 and aims to make Tia Blackwell Beauty the go to beauty site for the everyday woman.
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